“Extraordinary Detour” by Penelope Silvers



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A storm raged the day my husband died and went to heaven the first time. Sometimes, scary detours are extraordinary miracles in disguise.

About the book:

The day dawned cool and breezy without a cloud in the sky when my husband went to heaven the first time. Florida weather conditions gradually deteriorated as whipping winds and frigid air seemed to mirror his declining health. The start of what appeared a perfect day ended with us in a crushing nightmare.

From my point of view, our situation looked very bleak. Little did I know, extraordinary things were going on behind the scenes. Miraculous plans. God's own plans for us were being put into play.

We take for granted our lives will remain the same each and every day. Without warning, a day arrives you will never forget. The events we experienced in the morning hours of November 13, 2013, would change everything for our family.

On the day in question, what God was trying to accomplish in us was veiled and hidden. The exact events of trauma, weather, confusion and fear will never be repeated. Our faith as sorely tested, but we learned God provides all that's needed. He merits worship in every circumstance, even when death stalks us. As we ask in prayer, His hands will always hold us up and He will bring us through the valley whether physical impairment, lack of resources, faith over anxiety or a multitude of all of these. Surrender to Him all things. We'll be blessed with His vision for us if we let Him do as He will.

Years later, as bits and pieces of Ron's extraordinary journey began to surface, I'd jot them down. He'd choke up while sharing, his eyes filling with tears before he could finish. He'd experienced something so spectacular it was difficult for him to describe.

Think about your own life. What if things are exactly as they should be? What if everything that happens to you is not ordinary, but extraordinary? Some people live as though there were no miracles. Others look for miracles every day. Which one are you?

We pray our true story of life, death and miracles will encourage you through your own extraordinary detours. As you read our story of God's goodness and faithfulness, ask yourself a simple question.

Is my life ordinary or extraordinary?

About the Author

Penelope is an author, blogger and content writer, having written nine fiction and non-fiction books. She's also a member of Jerry Jenkins' Writer's Guild—of the runaway Left Behind series, and best-selling Author James Patterson's Masterclass. Penelope has seen many miracles in her life and is passionate about sharing hope of God's love and leading hand. Readers can contact her at her blog, PenelopeSilvers.com


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